Acme, by definition, means the point at which someone or something is best, perfect, or most successful. We thought that was the perfect embodiment of what we want our clinic and our care to represent. We also want it to signify how your body is going to change as a result of the care you receive in our office. 

For our Members they are offering a comprehensive consultation that has a full Spinal Examination as well as digital x-rays all for $20!

They also offer Pain Relief, Adjustments, Pregnancy/Prenatal Care and chiropractic care for Sports Injuries. Check them out – to book your first appointment give them a call at 515-412-1003 or visit them @ for more information

Here is who we are, and why we’re here.

Hi! I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself, and give you a glimpse into my why!

I was born and raised in Iowa, I went to school to be a physical therapist assistant, where I loved working with and helping people. I worked as a PTA for almost two decades before staying home with my 4 wonderful children…yes 4! And you can imagine how crazy and loud our household is everyday. My own personal journey, and struggles in life, would lead me to my next passion, and fuel my desire to begin Balanced Hormone Health!

I was fortunate to partner with an amazing nurse practitioner, Angela, who saw my drive, the need for this Telehealth company, and what HRT has done for me and my husband! Our nurse practitioner has always been passionate about hormone replacement, and she is so excited to help more people as well. Thank you to Derek (my husband and our male consultant) for all his support and help, to make this a reality.

My Why: I had a partial hysterectomy in my late 30s, shortly afterwards I started feeling terrible. I would wake up just exhausted, my joints ached, I was weak, flabby, I wasn’t sleeping much, and packing on the pounds. I literally felt like I was 90. And no matter what I did to lose the weight it just wasn’t coming off. I’m like “I’m too young to feel this old!” So, my journey began..”what is wrong with me?”  I went from doctor to doctor seeing everyone from my primary to endocrinologist. I remember even seeing a local OB/GYN who was a “hormone specialist,”  he said if you just workout and lose some weight…that will help you, and said I can give you some cream (his standard mix) that would probably help with some of the signs and symptoms. I was furious…he didn’t address my concerns, didn’t offer to check my labs. And the endocrinologist (I presented her with my labs) told me it was just “part of getting older.”  WHAT!! I was not going to settle…I was only in my late 30s, this is ridiculous!

Then, I was finally able to find a knowledgeable provider that helped me. She addressed all my concerns, via Telehealth, and got my hormones balanced! Now, I’m not going to tell you it was a flip of a switch to get balanced, throughout my hormone journey with all my different clinics, I tried ALL different delivery methods from old school Premarin, creams, patches, I was on two different brands of pellets (a year on each brand of pellets), and finally on to INJECTIONS, which would be my favorite, and finally I reached

OPTIMAL LEVELS → WAS BALANCED → FELT MY BEST!  Finally, I lost weight (31 pounds), was sleeping great, had WAY more energy, and got my muscle tone and strength back! And all my other (long list) of symptoms were GONE too! WOOHOO!!

Now, I finally lost the weight (31 pounds) and got my muscle tone and strength back!! And all my other (long list) of symptoms were GONE! WOOHOO!! Later, I added in Semaglutide and lost an additional 23lbs for a total of 54 pounds lost! But, BHH is here for more than just weight loss, we are here to help get you feeling your BEST!! More energy, weight loss….that is just an added bonus. IT. SHOULDN’T. BE. THIS. HARD.  Everyone deserves to feel their BEST! That is why I started BHH, to use my personal journey (6 years of trial and error), to utilize our specialty training/education on BHRT and injectable therapy to help you! I wanted to be a knowledgeable clinic that truly listens to what their patients need and want. A clinic that specializes in BHRT of different forms, and especially injectable hormone replacement. I wanted BHH to be affordable and accessible to BOTH women and men. If I can encourage you to do one thing, it would be get your hormones checked!  I wish I would’ve had mine checked in my 20s, or even 30s before my surgery! Between the ages of 30-35, most men and women will have significant drops in their hormone levels. It would be so good to know what levels you do feel good at, what YOUR NORMAL feel-good level is!

Wishing you all good health!

Jill Petry


Balanced Hormone Health 

Cell: 515.587.8649


Trusted Auto Repair Shop In Ankeny


You don’t realize how much you rely on your car, until it stops working – then it becomes all too clear. At Christian Brothers Automotive Ankeny, they provide superior car repair services in Ankeny. Their highly trained technicians work with integrity and diligence to make sure no detail goes unnoticed. They start each service by performing a comprehensive inspection to find the exact cause of the problem. Then explain in detail what’s wrong and how our team can fix it, so that you can make an informed decision.

Coachlight Clinic in Ankeny is a leading provider of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, with a team that is focused on giving you anti-aging results and healthy skin. From BOTOX to filler, microneedling, laser treatments and CoolSculpting fat reduction, our aesthetic experts can help you identify your concerns and help you set goals with a customized plan for achieving them. Learn more and even schedule appointments conveniently online at


How It Works –
Our 1 Day Process

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to garage flooring, so we customize our products to suit your unique tastes and requirements. Choose from a range of attractive colors for your one-day floor coating, and rest assured that the final results will combine the high-quality and functionality you need with the added value and visual appeal that you deserve.

As an industry leader in floor coatings, our products come with numerous advantages and features that include:

  • Customizable styles, including chip, metallic, quartz, and solid color options
  • Safety-enhancing textures that can provide slip resistance with a new floor coating
  • Extreme durability with resistance to chemicals, abrasions, and impacts
  • Cost-effective pricing that has the highest return value over a 25 year period
  • Flexible systems designed to handle extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Friendly installers that are highly trained to deliver superior results

Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote for your next concrete floor coating project or to learn more about Durable Coatings.

You can inquire more about Durable Coatings by giving us a call or filling out our website form.  We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us at (515)400-4197  for more information.

First National Bank is a local, full-service bank, serving the Ames, Ankeny, Johnston, Murray, Osceola and West Des Moines communities from ten convenient locations. Stop by one of our branches and let us show you, What Banking Should Be.



Everyone is different, and every shoe they need is different too.  

Maybe you get fitted for a shoe at one of our stores and it’s not fitting right, or it’s giving you aches and pains, or maybe you just don’t like it.  All told, if the shoes just weren’t what you were hoping for, feel free to come back in.  

At Fitness Sports, we promise competitive prices, sale price matching, and a 30-day guarantee! If you buy a shoe that you think is perfect for you but wear it around and decide it may not be the right fit, come back in and our experts will help you find your perfect match.

The team of board-certified podiatrists at Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa in Ankeny, Iowa, provide patients with innovative, superior foot and ankle care. With years of training and experience in both adult and children’s foot and ankle conditions, the practice strives to not only take care of patients, but to exceed their expectations.

Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa offers a wide range of care that includes treatments for ankle sprains, fractures, arthritis, bunions, flat foot, hallux rigidus, hammertoe, heel pain, ingrown toenails, sports injuries, tendinitis, warts, and sesamoid pain. They also treat children’s foot deformities.

The team led by podiatric surgeons Paul Dayton, DPM, MS, and Mindi Dayton, DPM, MHA handles all foot and ankle conditions, from the simple to the complex. They walk alongside patients from beginning to end, seeing them through the process of healing and recovery.

The expert podiatrists at Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa have published over 75 research papers, book chapters, and scholarly articles, sharing their research with podiatrists, orthopedic doctors, nurses, and patients across the United States. In addition, as foot and ankle surgeons, they’re known for their breakthrough techniques to improve the reliability and quality of bunion surgery.

To schedule a consultation or an appointment at Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa, call the practice or use the online booking tool.

Glen Meadows Retirement Community

Come home to superior senior living at Glen Meadows! Our all-inclusive independent living community offers seniors first-class amenities that provide a lifestyle packed with life-enriching activities and worry-free leisure. Our studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments include maintenance and weekly housekeeping services. Our Freedom Dining features creative dining options on a schedule that works for you. And, our 24-hour concierge services give you the peace of mind that define a true resort lifestyle.

There’s plenty to do at Glen Meadows. Take time to relax with your favorite movie in our 150-seat movie theatre, stretch and stay fit in our fitness center, or join your neighbors for one of our happy hours. With close proximity to shopping, dining, and entertainment, you can spend your days celebrating life!

Discover senior living made simple and reserve your new home today!

Interested in this luxury retirement community? 

850 S 60th St. Bldg. 1000
West Des Moines, IA 50266
(515) 207-5352

Commercial Contractor and Construction serving Ames, Iowa

Our standards are high because that is where we have chosen to set them. Our self-value is measured by these standards. Our motivation to excel is spurred on by our determination not to accept anything less. Our obligation goes beyond the contract. For over 40 years, HPC, LLC has provided our clients quality construction and professional workmanship and customer service. The result has been four decades of building relationships as well as buildings that will last a lifetime.

Never had IV hydration?
No problem!
Our experienced Nurse Lauren will get you that healthy vitamin boost that you need!
When you come in, Lauren will take your blood pressure and temperature, review consents and start your IV with a small needle. If needles make you nervous, we have a numbing spray for that!
The entire process takes about 40-45 minutes and you can relax in our super comfortable recliners and read, use your phone or listen to music.
Questions about what therapy would be best for you? Lauren will sit down with you and discuss exactly what you’re wanting.
Feel free to give us a call or text us at: 515-446-9247

At Juna, we seek to provide quality products, honest pricing, and good people.

Instead of unfair markups or deceptive marketing, we vow to use only the best materials and practices.

Every mattress we deliver comes with a Lifetime Comfort Commitment. We want you to love your Juna mattress for as long as you own it. We know that everyone is built differently and we want each person to enjoy our products. If we can ever change anything to make you a more satisfied customer we want to help. We can even make changes to just one side of the bed instead of the whole thing.

In everything we do, we deliver amazing customer service with virtues of quality, honesty, and integrity.

At Landscapes By Design, Inc., our mission is to provide our clients with innovative designs and professional installation services, using quality products. We are committed to each individual client with attention to detail, timely communication and superior customer service. We promise you unmatched service delivery for all of your landscape and snow removal needs.


As your partner in outdoor landscape design, implementation, and maintenance, we view each project as an opportunity to further enhance your lifestyle and bring out the natural beauty that is locked within your property. With every brick laid and blade of grass cut we pour our energy into the details in order to express our true desire to bring out the best in your outdoor spaces. We exist to passionately design, implement, and maintain excellent outdoor environments for our clients.


We call ourselves “Landscapes by Design” because it properly articulates the fact that we design first and then landscape based on the design. As a design-build firm we are able to cast a vision, create a complete and comprehensive plan, and then fulfill that plan all within the same firm. Having both design and building capabilities within the same firm enables us to more accurately carry out the plans which are drawn.


At Roseland, Mackey, Harris Architects, PC, we believe that attention to our client’s needs is the basis for a successful project. Our goal with each project is to achieve a solution that accurately reflects the hopes and aspirations of our client and expresses our commitment to design excellence.

Forefront Dermatology is excited about the benefits to our patients, first and foremost being our ability to focus more on treating you less on administrative responsibilities. you’ll also notice more resources to assist you with scheduling an billing, and access to new technology advancements.

The Iowa Clinic is locally owned by doctors living and working in our communities. That means decisions about patient care are determined by you and your physician and not someone else. Our 200+ healthcare providers practicing in 40 specialties consistently rank top in quality and outcomes as recognized by Iowa’s largest health insurer. We are committed to delivering an exceptional healthcare experience to every patient, every time. We won’t accept anything less.

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s menu boasts bold, flavorful smoothies with a healthy appeal, all made-to-order with quality ingredients. We find that real fruits, veggies and juices just taste better.

Our toasted wraps, sandwiches, flatbreads and quesadillas are made to suit your individual tastes with quality meats, fresh produce and flavorful sauces.

Combine that with a fun, relaxing atmosphere – and unparalleled hospitality – and you can see why people return again and again for the Tropical Smoothie Cafe experience.

Our mission is to inspire a healthier lifestyle by serving amazing food and smoothies…with a bit of tropical fun

Are YOU looking for a bright future? Call SSgt Nicholas Antonucci @ (515)782-2201

Apartments of Modern Luxury

Your new home is waiting for you at Woodland Reserve. With one, two, and three bedroom apartments for rent in a bustling neighborhood of Ankeny, IA, we have the perfect option for you. Each of our pet-friendly apartments is stacked with modern luxuries to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Our excellent shared amenities give you ways to engage with your community and create a routine that helps you thrive.

Jason always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur.  He wanted to build a business that could not only provide a future for his family, but also fulfill the dreams of many other families: including those of his employees and in the community.

Twenty years ago, Jason discovered that working in the pressure washing industry allowed him to do the two things he loved most…work with his hands and help people. Over time, Jason became an expert in cleaning everything from windows to siding to roofs.  His wife Julie, had the same interest in getting dirty, but just on the inside of homes.  Together, they share a passion for people and a great sense of pride in their work.

Xtreme Services is a family owned and operated cleaning company that specializes in window cleaning, pressure washing, window tinting and other home/commercial services. They have been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years with an incredible track record of customer service and offer exceptional quality.  Our company offers professional results at affordable prices so you can be confident knowing your investment will be well worth it.